Wellness Premium Deep Hydrating Conditioner- 170z

  • $32.00

Wellness Premium Products Hemp Seed Oil Deep Hydrating Conditioner showcases visible hemp garnishes and an entourage of impactful plant-powered, protein-rich ingredients pleasured to introduce a fresh approach to healthier hair with intense hydration, smoothness, shine, and overall manageability via micro-capsule technology custom nourishment.

Organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil effectively equips hair with vitamins and essential fatty acids to be ultra-hydrating and nourishing.

  • Benefits: Contains nutritional plant protein that promotes shine, thickness and softens the texture of hair
  • Anti-Breakage: Helps strengthen your hair with their micro-capsule technology
  • Color Safe: Is safe to apply for hair with colors
  • Hair Repair: Helps repair hair from extreme chemical and UV damage
  • Promotes Hair Growth: Strengthens and thickens hair. A leading-edge combination of ingredients that effectively equips hair with vitamins and essential fatty acids. Reduces hair loss and stimulates scalp microcirculation.
  • The Original Wellness Formula + Extra Hemp Seed Oil Hydration to honor curl patterns, coarse, and extremely damaged hair types
  • Vegan formulated, Paraben-free, Sodium chloride-free, Gluten-free, Cruelty-free